Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bible Study

With our Bible Study group starting up again this week I've decided to post the reflection questions I give out to those who are a part of our group here at the church. My hope is that those who may not be able to join us physically can follow along with us at home by following the blog. So here goes.

Week of January 29 to February 4 - Matthew 15:29-16:12
Read Matthew 15:29-39. Why do you think Matthew has kept the two different stories of miraculous feedings? Note that Matthew's version of this story mentions a mountain then read Isaiah 25:6-9. What does this Old Testament passage suggest about who Jesus is and what he is doing?
Read Matthew 16:1-12. What signs are we good at spotting and interpreting, and what signs do we tend to miss? In this scene the disciples miss what Jesus is trying to teach them because of their focus on bread. How does our focus on material things do the same thing? What signs or learning from God do we miss?

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