Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Road to Jerusalem: Part 3 - Matthew 20:17-34

This week's stories from the road bring us almost within sight of Jerusalem. This is the last teaching that Jesus gives the disciples before they enter the city and the final struggle leading to the Passion (the suffering and death of Jesus) begins.
  • Read Matthew 20:17-28 and review the two previous times Jesus has predicted his death and resurrection (Matthew 16:21-23 & 17:22-23). Jesus puts great emphasis on his coming death and resurrection in his teaching. What does this emphasis say about how the cross should shape how we live as Christians (both individually and together)?
  • What does this specific scene say about the nature of leadership in the church?
  • Read Matthew 20:29-34. In the Bible blindness and sight are often used as metaphors for understanding. What do you think the symbolic meaning of this story is here (right after all this teaching of the disciples and just before Jesus arrives in Jerusalem)?

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