Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Religious Leaders Challenge Jesus - Part 3

This week brings the debates between Jesus and the religious leaders of Jerusalem to a close. We shift from the parables of last week back into direct confrontation as Jesus is challenged by different groups and individuals before closing with one decisive question of his own.
  • Read Matthew 22:15-22. Verse 21 is an extremely well known saying, but what do you think Jesus means (in the context of the scene)? What does it mean for us?
  • Read Matthew 22:23-33. How does Jesus’ teaching about the resurrection compare with what you have heard others say about life after death?
  • Read Matthew 22:34-40. ‘Love’ is a word with a broad range of meaning: what does it mean in the context of Jesus’ life and teaching as well as the Bible as a whole?
  • Read Matthew 22:41-46. What do you think Jesus is trying to teach about who the Messiah is with this challenging question? How has Jesus already worked to change people's understanding of who the Messiah is?

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