Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bible Study - The Resurrection of the Messiah (Matthew 28)

We now come to the final chapter of the Gospel of Matthew.
  •  Read Matthew 28. Put yourself in the perspective of the various witnesses both at the tomb and later in Galilee (the women, the guards, the male disciples). How does this event affect you?
  • From the beginning the resurrection of Jesus has been doubted (even by those who saw it first hand). Do you believe in the resurrection? What makes you believe?
  • How seriously do we take the ‘Great Commission’ from Jesus? Does it guide how we live out our faith? If it is a guide for us, do we follow the whole thing or just parts of it. Do we take Jesus’ authority over heaven and earth seriously? Do we go out to make disciples of all nations? And do we teach people to obey everything Jesus commanded (and even more importantly do we obey everything ourselves)?
  • Take a moment to reflect on the Gospel as a whole and then consider how the Resurrection of Jesus has been shone through every other part of the book.

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